Collection category: Postcards Collection name: Early 20th century postcards


Image 1 Image 2 Name Description Size Purchase Price Date Acquired Quantity Estimated Value Condition Comments Category Year Postcard dated Address to Postmark and stamp Printer details Message
Christmas card with verse on the front. very good/excellent Christmas Card none none W&K London E.C. Copyright Series 4916 To Mr &Mrs Foster wishing you both a very happy xmas and a bright new year
Hand painted card of ivy leaves and some flowers 25p 1 Very Good/excellent This is a hand painted card possibly from father to daughter who is Mis Comely Dated 1903 Not obvious Miss Comely Grange Road Darlington none none on the frone it says From Father 1903
Postcard with lift the flap insert which unfolds to show views of Barmouth 1 Belgium Franc (BFR) Very Good lovely text which says 'If any message is written, Letter Postage is required or if only five words of greeting, etc.. 1/2d postage Holiday Postcard from Barmouth, Wales Mr J MLaurys Ctudues Getat-Frithuis Statielei Borgehout Bij Antwerpen Belgie Post mark present but not clear. Brown stamp dated 12th may 1937 for 1 1/2d . George VI and Queen Elizabeth J.Salmon Ltd. Sevenoaks England Novelty View Card This postcard was sent from Britain to an adress in Belgium. Moeder en (Flemish for Mother)
Embroidered Card with a pocket for a little handkerchief. The word 'Marjorie' has been handwritten on the front. £3 1 Good This is a French postcard Carte Postale Not obvious none none none To My Dear Majorie With fondest Love & heaps of xxxxxxxx Dad
Embroided card with British and French flags so maybe from the time of WWI. Very little detail re orgin etc. 1 Good This is probably a French card Not obvious noe none on the front it is embroided 'Lovingly your's'
Artist drawing on front entitled 'Awaiting the tide' D.F.& Co 30p 1 good yes. Neath 8.30pm OC10 04
French Card. Embroidered with purple violets.Envelop design but no contents £2.50 Fair French card. Back seems to be upside down. Not obvious Mrs R. Nilsson 106 None To dear Rose and Rene With heaps of Love from Dad
Wartime postcard. The front has a short verse and a photo of a soldier. 30p Very good This is a love letter and is very moving and romantic. This is one of two postcards from the same woman Nellie. War correspondence Wednesday. My Darling Heart/A.P.C. to let you know i am quite well and i hope and trust my lovley is the same. Well pet it is a pouring wet day but I am not going to Cranford only round to mums and then to the lip I do so wish you were coming to how lovely it was the last time we went do you remember. Best love to my pet one. your loving girlie Nellie .
Wartime postcard.The front has a sad poem with a family picture and soldiers in the corner 30p very good This has a really sad poem on the front . The vacant chair. War correspondance Mrs Hughes 49 Marion Street Newport Mo S.W. Long message
War photo graph 50p very good A charity card for raising funds for soldiers at the front. Photo of Chris Van Bern M.I.M.C. London War time
holiday postcard £1.50 Fair Greetings card 12.09.1905 Mr A Roberts Oilmants The Slade Tonbridge Kent Scarborough 12.15pm Sept 13th 1905 Queen Series Dear Sir & Brothers I trust you will hav e a good meeting at the Tent tomorrow (Thursday) evening. Kind Regards to all Yours faithfully J. Clarke
Greeting. Verse on the front. Fair This is one of two from the same woman called Nellie. War Correspondence 25.12.1919 9.30am Xmas Day. My Darling Harry A.P.C. to let you know I am still in the pink also in bed I have got quite a lot of presents but not the one i wanted that was you its pouring with rain but I don't worry but say roll on when it is all over. Tons of love and kisses to my darling Your girlie Nellie
Greeting. Good The picture on the front says Produced by permission of Bovril Ltd from their new bonus picture by I Snowman from the Royal Academy 1903. Greeting March 3rd 1904 Mrs A Von Hafen 8 Ebelinc Villea Figgs Marsh Upper Mitcham Surrey Dulwich March 3rd 1904
Mother's birthday postcard good Sent from Hastings 1940 birthday 1940 Mrs A Foster 4 Alma Terrace Silverhill St Leonads Hastinds Sussex 1940 Dear mum Wishing you many happy returns of the day With love from Lily
21st Birthday Card good birthday Miss Evliesd. Moat House,Gocken Hill, Nr Swanly June, Swanly, Hayes red 1d To dear marjorie, with our best wishes for the 21st and everything that prosperous in the future awaiting you. with love from cies & Janeh
Just a message 50p good Front is a phto of Miss Gabriella Ray. Series 2156. Also it is typed! plain message Miss May Ellis, 32 Crowhurst Road, BrixtonS.W. Davidson Bros. Real Photographic series Dear May, Let me know the address of the school you are going With Love From Dorothy