Collection category: Textiles Collection name: My textiles


Image 1 Image 2 Name Country of Origin Category Materials Colours Make Estimated Value Condition Comments Design Source Age Size Purchase Price Date Acquired Technique Maker
Altered book England project various multi priceless good various bee orchid/wild flower book 5 21cmx15cm Janice Hay
Bag England purchased fabric/threads/beads multi £75 good machine/hand stitches unknown 25 16cmx11cm Hilary Bower
Bag 1 England silks/cotton/metallic greens/pinks/gold £50 good gift old fabrics 6 32cmx20cm Abby Jackson
birds 1 England cotton/ spangles pinks/greens £25 good machine birds 7 29cmx14cm Jenny Chippindale
Birds of a Feather 1 England Badby exhibition angelina/clay modelling reds,yellow.turquoise £300 good hand/machine made battery hen sheds 9 38cmx35cm Janice Hay
Bookmark England gift fabric/threads multi £20 good machine stitching mexican art 30 20cmx7cm Corliss Miller
Canvas sampler England EG Book "Making Samplers" silk threads/canvas multi £200 Good hand embroidery carpet 30 18cmx18cm Janice Hay
Cigarette cards England LCAD sample cotton threads on organza multi £150 good hand embroidery cigarette card 37 25cmx20cm Janice Hay
Computer design 1 England CTDG article cotton/photograph pinks/turquoise £100 good hand/machine made tulip photo 2 34cmx43cm Janice Hay
Contact sheet England CTDG article cotton/dissovable/beads multi £100 good machine flowers 5 29cmx24cm Janice Hay
Cowslips England LCAD sample cotton threads on cotton yellows/greens £100 good hand embroidery flower 37 15cmx7cm Janice Hay
Cutwork Hanging 1 England Corliss Millers book "Machine Embroidery for the Home" felt/organza/threads orange/green/pink/black £100 good Machine/hand stitches kilim 25 58cmx37cm Janice Hay
digital erased kilim England CTDG article fabrics/print multi £75 good hand embroidery kilim 15 27cmx19cm Janice Hay
digital masked grid England CTDG article fabrics/photoimage multi £75 good hand embroidery weaving 15 20cmx24cm Janice Hay
Dosemealti England Bead embroidery book mixed threads on silk multi £250 good workshop with Jean Draper carpet design 20 36cmx31cm Janice Hay
fibretex england Stitch mag article Fibretex/threads/stitch multi £50 good manipulation clematis 15 Janice Hay
Fibretex flowers England Stitch mag article fibretex/threads/wire multi £50 good heating/stitching trellis/clematis 15 26cmx20cm Janice Hay
Fowl Play 1 England Bampton exhibition fabrics/threads/beads multi £200 good hand/machine stitches caged chickens 25 25cmx20cm Janice Hay
Lady Scotland legacy wool on canvas multi £100 good Dutch painting of lady unknown 57cmx51cm unknown
Lily pattern 1 England CTDG article cotton on canvas multi £200 good behind glass frame Lillies 7 13cmx11cm Janice Hay
Linoprint England World of Embroidery mag article calico/paints/lino ink/threads multi £25 good painting/printing/stitching carpet 25 27cmx8cm Janice Hay
Mini ZigZag sampler 1 England paper/fabric/threads orange/pink/turquoise £75 good machine embroidery carpet 15 26cmx22cm Janice Hay
Mini ZigZag sampler 2 England transfer dyed fabrics/threads/beads Browns/oranges/greens £50 Good machine stitches carpet 15 22cmx27cm Janice Hay
Modern Sampler 1 England Project/Alison various multi £150 good assembling old notebooks 5 51cmx51cm Janice Hay
Modern Sampler 2 England Project/Charlotte various multi £150 good assembling old notebooks 5 51cmx52cm Janice Hay
Modern Sampler 3 England Project/Nicholas various multi £150 good assembling old notebooks 5 72cmx42cm Janice Hay
Modern Sampler 4 England Project/Joe various multi £150 good assembling old notebooks 5 40cmx49cm Janice Hay
Modern Sampler 5 England Project/Jessica various multi £150 good assembling old notebooks 5 41cmx31cm Janice Hay
Modern Sampler 6 England Project/Evie various multi £150 good assembling old notebooks 5 42cmx31cm Janice Hay
Modern Sampler 7 England Project/Ameline various multi £150 good assembling old notebooks 5 37cmx37cm Janice Hay
Monocushion 2 England Stitch mag article fabric/threads/beads multi £50 good hand/machine stitches fingerpainting 20 15cmx15cm Janice Hay
Monocushion 3 England Stitch magazine felt/metallic & cotton fabric/beads multi £50 good hand/machine literature 10 15cmx15cm Janice Hay
Monocushion1 England Stitch mag article fabrics/print/beads multi £50 good hand/machine stitches carpet 20 15cmx15cm Janice Hay
necklace England gift fabrics/threads/beads multi £50 good hand worked unknown 10 38cmx2cm Alison Dryland
Orchid Panel 1 England LCAD work silk cotton pinks/greens £300 good hand made wild orchids 35 61cmx56cm Janice Hay
Orchid Panel 2 England LCAD work Cotton threads on Silk Multi £250 good hand embroidery bee orchid 37 46cmx30cm Janice Hay
Orchids in Pot England LCAD sample cotton threads on canvas multi £100 good hand embroidery flowers 37 15cmx7cm Janice Hay
Painted stitches England purchased fabric/threads browns/turquoises £50 good painting/machine stitching/beadsg unknown 30 22cmx20cm Corliss Miller
Passionflower 1 England CTDG article cotton/dissolvable/beads multi £100 good machine flower 6 29cmx24cm Janice Hay
Pieced fragments England purchased fabric/paint/threads orange/turquoise £25 good painting/applique/stitching egyptology 25 17cmx9cm Leila Darlington
pin cushion England purchased felt/threads multi on black £30 ok machine embroidery unknown 25 11cmx11cm Two Urchfont students
Poppies England commission silk/cotton reds/greens £200 good in box frame poppies 10 38cmx32cm Jenny Chippindale
Rags to Riches 2 England silk/organza turquoise/rust/orange £150 good machine Kilims 26 22cmx22cm Janice Hay
Rags to Riches 3 England silk/organza reds/black £150 good Kilims 26 22cmx22cm Janice Hay
Retroprint 1 England CTDG article cotton/dissovable/beads multi £100 good machine flower 5 30cmx26cm Janice Hay
silk kimono England LCAD work silk/threads/ cream/oranges/green/ purple £200 good hand stitches/stumpwork bee orchids 37 Janice Hay
silk purse Italy gift from Pam Toseland silk fabric purple £50 good silk pleated unknown 5 12cmx10cm unknown
silk waistcoat& purse England purchased silk/dyes/beads pink/green/grey £200 good machine quilted & applique flowers/foliage 35 Sue Rangeley
Star Hanging England gift fabric/beads multi £50 good stuffed fabric/beads stars/Xmas 5 78cmx6cm Charlotte Dryland
Tassel England project threads red/yellow/turquoise £20 good threads 15 12cmx8cm Janice Hay
Thimble holder England project fabrics/threads multi £20 good machine stitching arabian purses 20 8cmx8cm Janice Hay
Tribal Mini Rug 1 England handmade felt/canvas/cotton threads/beads multi £75 good hand stitches kilim 15 23cmx16cm Janice Hay
Tribal Mini Rug 2 England handmade felt/silk threads/canvas/beads multi £75 good hand stitches carpet 15 23cmx16cm Janice Hay
unknown England purchased paper/paints/fabric multi £100 good machineembroidery unknown 30 28cmx28cm Corliss Miller dec.
Woven Softsculpt England Stitch mag article softsculpt/threads multi £50 good weaving/cordmaking weaving 15 25cmx22cm Janice Hay