Collection category: Comics/magazines Collection name: Zigzag magazines


Image 1 Image 2 Name Issue Number Cover Price Purchase Price Date Acquired Quantity Estimated Value Condition Comments Category Date of Issue
Zigzag 100 100 50p 1980-April
Zigzag Blondie 98 50p 1980-February
Zigzag Bob Marley 104 50p 1980-August
Zigzag Buzzcocks 94 40p 1979-May
Zigzag Dr Feelgood 51 25p 1975-April
Zigzag Girlschool 111 50p 1981-March
Zigzag Heartbreakers 74 30p 1977-July
Zigzag Kate Bush 106 50p 1980-October
Zigzag Keith Richards 107 50p 1980-November
Zigzag Killing Joke 105 50p 1980-September
Zigzag Little Feat 50 25p 1975-March
Zigzag Lou Reed 52 25p 1975-May
Zigzag Marianne Faithfull 96 50p 1979-December
Zigzag Mink Deville 77 30p 1977-October
Zigzag Motorhead 97 50p 1980-January
Zigzag Motorhead 108 50p 1980-December
Zigzag Neil Young 48 20p 1974-December
Zigzag Pearl Harbour 110 50p 1981-February
Zigzag Peter Gabriel 103 50p 1980-July
Zigzag PiL 112 50p 1981-April
Zigzag Psychedelic Furs 99 50p 1980-March
Zigzag Ray Davies 49 20p 1975-January
Zigzag Sex Pistols 73 30p 1977-June
Zigzag Siouxsie 101 50p 1980-May
Zigzag The Clash 76 30p 1977-September
Zigzag The Cramps 102 50p 1980-June
Zigzag The Damned 109 50p 1981-January
Zigzag The Slits 75 30p 1977-August
Zigzag The Who 57 25p 1975-December
Zigzag Wayne County 95 40p 1979-July